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MVP wins a SMT China Vision award for the Ultra 850G

Carlsbad, CA – April 29th, 2010: Machine Vision Products, Inc., a worldwide leader in Automated Optical Inspection today announced that their Ultra 850G platform had won the 4th SMT China Vision award for Versatility at the Nepcon China 2010 exhibition in Shanghai.
This is Machine Vision Products’ second consecutive SMT China Vision award having previously received the AOI Award for their Supra E product in 2009.
Ultra 850G

MVP has a proven track record of success with a broad range of applications across both SMT and Microelectronics covering commercial, medical and defense based devices. The Ultra 850G platform provides dual 2D and 3D inspection solutions for any package or microelectronics device with resolutions down to 1um.

The Ultra 850G is the base platform associated with advanced testing in Microelectronics. A combination of advanced optics, powerful and flexible software and an advanced application toolbox addresses the complex inspection requirements of Microelectronics.
MVP now provides the industry with a vision and continuity when manufacturers diversify their business into Microelectronics. MVP provides seamless transition within our AOI applications between SMT and Microelectronics.
Applications on MVP’s Ultra 850G include:

• Inspection of wire bond
• High accuracy die placement metrology,
• Surface finish inspection for, foreign objects and scratches
• Inspection of micro-SMT with the Ultra 850G which can be configured to 1um pixel resolution.
• Epoxy underfill
• Glues and sealants,
• 3D paste and BGA
• Material dimensional metrology.

DSC_9285_MVPSpeaking shortly after the announcement Dr George T. Ayoub stated “We are delighted to receive this second SMT Vision award for our Ultra 850G. Machine Vision Products has been committed to providing the best-of-class AOI for Microelectronics and Packaging while providing the most cost effective solution available in the market place. I firmly believe that with the versatility of the Ultra 850G platform we have developed a product which can perform across a multitude of inspection applications with the same configuration.

The versatility of the Ultra 850G platform exemplifies the strength of the integrated resources and capabilities within MVP in manufacturing, software and hardware development. We provide a diverse and customizable range of applications with this platform. As per our company mission, we forge partnerships with our customers to provide these customizable application solutions.

Winning this award in China is an indication of the growth and diversity of this market in this region.
Our AOI systems have a proven track record for sustained reliability and providing the lowest cost of ownership to our customers. We have been investing heavily into research and development for both our software and hardware during the last 5 years and we are proud to receive the award from SMT as recognition of our work to bring the Ultra 850G to the marketplace. MVP are the market leaders in performance based AOI and will continue to bring the best-of-class products to our customers”

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Machine Vision Products is a market innovator and leader in imaging technologies for Surface Mount, Microelectronics and Packaging Technologies. Machine Vision Products provide solutions for both commercial and military applications. Machine Vision Products operate globally with direct operations in the US, China, Malaysia and the UK, with additional representation in countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia.