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MVP Wins Global Technology Award for Ultra Platform

Carlsbad, CA — November 15, 2005 — Machine Vision Products (MVP), the leader in vision and process control technology, announces that it has been awarded a Global Technology Award in the category of AOI Systems for its innovative AutoInspector. The crystal glass award was presented by Global SMT & Packaging Magazine’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Trevor Galbraith to Dr. George Ayoub, President and CEO of MVP, during a Tuesday, November 15, 2005 ceremony that took place during Productronica in Munich, Germany.

Ultra II 7-17-06

MVP’s innovative high-speed AutoInspector Series identifies assembly defects on PCBs and enables inline process control. Inspections include paste, pre-solder and post-solder SMT, and mixed-technology boards. The AutoInspector Ultra II provides highest performance in speed, throughput and inspection robustness, thereby increasing overall quality and performance consistency. The AutoInspector Supra offers the most powerful and cost-effective inspection solution for the medium-volume, high-mix market. High inspection speeds, low false call rates and accurate process measurement maximize inspection effectiveness, increase throughput, and improve process control and yield.

AutoInspector meets the significant industry challenge of offering multiple features at one low price by providing true multi-application platform and the ability to be deployed anywhere in the assembly process, from post-print to post-wave inspection. With MVP’s unique Quad-angle lighting, no hardware adjustments are necessary when changing the inspection application. MVP AutoInspectors are designed for complete, seamless integration into the manufacturing process, providing users with ease of use and simple implementation. These SMEMA-compatible inspection systems can be operated inline or offline, with the goal of providing simpler maintainability and repairability over other AOI systems. Boards can be tracked sequentially or with barcode readers.

DSC02698The Ultra II series is designed to meet the highest intermachine repeatability standards. A solid unibody frame, three-point-suspension design, ultra-high precision linear stage, quad speed digital cameras and high-resolution optics provide a copy-exact hardware platform that offers maximum program transferability and maximum equipment reliability. Comprehensive offline tools enable centralized engineering support and multi-part program rollout.

MVP offers the highest degree of system efficiency by minimizing programming time and by providing automated tools for maximum productivity. Complete point-and-click database generation, algorithm fine-tuning and the advantage of networked offline programming make the AutoInspector extremely efficient, cost-effective and user-friendly.

The Global Technology Awards program is sponsored by Global SMT & Packaging Magazine, and is an annual celebration of product excellence in semiconductor packaging and electronics assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology in 19 key areas, including AOI Systems, are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts

Machine Vision Products Inc. is a California-based AOI company. Its mission is to provide innovative products that help electronics manufacturers achieve higher yields, lower production costs, improve quality, and speed time to market. MVP systems are used worldwide — over 600 installations at major OEMs and EMS providers working in automotive, computer and telecommunications industries.

MVP has established a worldwide support network that currently includes hubs for North America, Europe, and the Far East, linked to certified distributors in 30 countries. MVP’s service follows with expanded local support – anywhere in the world.

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