Automated Optical Inspection

MVP History / Overview



On the forefront of technology since its inception, Machine Vision Products, Inc. (MVP) is continuing to uphold its reputation for innovative engineering in the vision inspection industry.

MVP was founded in 1993 by Dr George Ayoub and a team of experienced engineers. Since then MVP has developed five generations of Optical Inspection Equipment and creating award-winning innovations. Some of these innovations include multiprocessor architecture, advanced solid-state lighting modules, “flying camera” inspection, parallel computing architecture for real-time image analysis, and multiple acquisition camera modules for high-speed in-line inspection.

More impressive is the software power, flexibility and ease-of-use, permitting it to adapt to wide range of applications across many industries in SMT and Microelectronics.

As a result, MVP’s AutoInspector Series is the fastest and most accurate inspection system available in today’s market. Other innovations include powerful inspection software, paste inspection, productivity tools such as off-line programming, database generation, in-line repair and laser pointers, and many more. The company continuously expands its R&D effort in the field of automated circuit board inspection in order to meet the future needs of its growing customer base in the US and international markets.

Our Business

Advanced Vision

MVP’s mission is to provide its customers with the finest and most advanced vision and process control technology available. Our overall goal is to help our clients improve their business by providing inspection solutions that raise quality levels and decrease cost. MVP recognizes that to fully realize our potential as a leader in the industry, we must satisfy these challenges. To do so, MVP engages in strong partnerships with its customers. Consequently, the success of MVP is directly linked to the success of our customers.

MVP is a fast growing company in a maturing market. With vision inspection having become an indispensable technology in the electronic assembly industry, MVP expects steady growth over the next several years. MVP has a global staff of 100 who are exclusively dedicated to the development, support, and marketing of PCB assembly inspection equipment. In order to increase MVP’s global presence, production facilities are expanding, and distribution and agency agreements are developing to serve new target markets. With an installed base of over 4000 systems, MVP is one of the biggest vendors in the AOI market.

Customers and Markets

Leadership in the Market

MVP’s customer base consists of more than 100 global companies, many with multiple factories located on a global basis. MVP has established a leadership position in paste, pre-solder, and post-solder inspection with a broad installed base in telecommunications, computer, automotive and consumer electronics. For our Microelectronics customers MVP provides an extensive toolbox of applications support ranging from die and wire, to Ball Grid Array and Lead Frame processes where complex inspection requirements require robust AOI solutions.
MVP has installed more than 4000 systems globally. From the inception of the very first AutoInspector AOI product in 1986 MVP has been leading the market with innovative and performance based solutions.

MVP recognizes the global nature of the electronics industry and is positioned to follow its customers around the globe. As a result, a cornerstone of our service strategy is to provide local support so that close client partnerships can be developed and maintained over time. MVP supports equipment in over 30 countries and has support hubs in North America, Europe, and the Far East.

Core Competency and Benefits

Product and quality enhancements are assured by investing in the company’s core competencies. MVP’s four areas of core competencies include its hardware, software, manufacturing, and services.

Hardware: Electro-optics, illumination, sensors, and image processing.
Software: Algorithm development, user-interface design, device drivers, database generation, and adaptive technologies.
Manufacturing: Quality assurance and copy-exact capabilities.
Services: Application support, database development, training, and program management.

The benefit of these core competencies is that the customer can be allowed to focus on its increased quality, output, and lowered costs. Equipment utilization is increased while decreasing engineering support and equipment downtime so that valuable engineering expertise can be focused on constructive processes.

Our Green Policy

Machine Vision Products, Inc. consider the environment as part of its daily work routines. Environmental policy is now
part of MVP’s commitment to our customers and the local community. During daily work routines MVP promotes
minimizing of waste, minimizing our energy expenditure and maximizing our recycling.
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