Automated Optical Inspection

Advanced Color Topology AOI – Supra X

The Supra X model provides the highest resolution utilizing an 8MP color camera producing a 8um pixel size for the most accurate defect detection and lowest false call rates. The Supra X uses MVP’s Quad Color Technology and comes with optional 3D Advanced Color Topology technology to provide the highest level of fault coverage for 2D Inline AOI

Key Features

  • 8um pixel resolution
  • 8MP Camera
  • 01005 Ready
  • Fast Programming Generation using ePro and Validate
  • Lowest False Call Rates
  • High Throughput to 10 Sq.Inches per second.
  • 20” x 20” board size
  • Highest Defect Detection using Quad Color Technology
  • Linear axis and 0.5 micron linear encoders


  • 3D Advanced Color Topology Option
  • Z-axis Camera Lift
  • Autowidth
  • Top Side Reference Board Lift