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MVP wins Global Technology Award for Best New Product

Carlsbad, CA – October 16, 2012: Machine Vision Products (MVP), a leader in Automated Optical Inspection, are proud to announce that their 850G DW metrology based AOI has won the award for Best New Product – USA at the award ceremony held at the SMTA International show in Orlando, Florida. The Global Technology Awards are hosted by Global SMT and Packaging Magazine.

MVP’s 850G DW, Die Wire Metrology System, uses advanced optic and handling solutions to provide the latest in Die and Wire-Bond inspection.
Inspection techniques include high-resolution telecentric imaging, quad color lighting, and 3D techniques to provide the maximum defect, and measurement capabilities for Lead-Frame, Die and Wire-Bond inspection.

MVP also provide many material handling configurations including; magazine lifters, strip handling, tray handling and custom solutions. For in-line operations, single and dual lane options are also available to quickly process Lead-Frames and microelectronic assemblies.
Key capabilities of the 850G DW are capability to inspect, Gold, Silver, Aluminum and Copper wires. With a resolution of down to 1um a variety of bond types including Wedge, Ball, Stitch, Crescent and Tape can be inspected. In addition the 850G is capable to inspect the Die for Placement metrology, and for surface and edge damage and also for bond layer and the epoxy flow and spread.

Speaking shortly after the announcement MVP President and CEO, George T Ayoub, PhD commented “ We are delighted to receive the award for Best New Product – USA for the 850G DW. MVP has been focused on delivering high performance metrology based AOI systems for the most complex of microelectronics applications. The DW provides a dedicated platform for the inspection of die wire based applications and MVP have had a very high level of interest from microelectronics manufacturers.

MVP is now providing support for wire bond inspection in two different markets. The multi chip module market characterized by high number of wire bond interconnect and complex assembly, and the High volume (HVM) market of lead frame wire bond/epoxy and chip inspection typically used in automotive and consumer electronics.

With specialized material handling and tools MVP can typically inspect with a UPH reaching up to 20000 depending on the density of the components in a lead frame strip. The high speed, high inspection quality solution provided by MVP puts it as a leader in these markets, that was, until recently, very dependent on manual inspection”

MVP has a proven track record of success with a broad range of applications covering industrial, commercial, automotive, medical and defense based products and continues to bring highly successful and well-received AOI solutions to the SMT, Microelectronics and Packaging arenas.

MVP continues to lead the global inspection arena by internal innovation, product development and manufacturing. This provides a much better cost structure to our end users. With 19 years of leadership, MVP is taking multiple steps to continue to provide the highest performance and overall lowest cost of ownership when compared to any competitor globally.

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