Automated Optical Inspection

Spectra Series II – 35″ x 35″ (890mm x 890mm) Backplane and Large Board AOI

The Spectra Series II Quad-Color Technology system is the largest format AOI solution for large board sizes or backplane inspection.

The Spectra is flexible to inspect boards up to 35” x 35” on the standard Spectra platform and the Spectra XL option expands the capabilities to 35 x 40”

The Spectra is configured with robust material handling to allow the inspection of the heaviest of products.

In addition the Spectra can be configured to use MVP’s confocal technology to allow the inspection of press fit connectors to determine the correct pin height within the barrel.

Key Features

  • SMT, Confocal and SPI capable
  • 35” x 35” (890mm x 890mm) Standard Inspection Area
  • 5 MP/8MP/12MP Color Camera
  • Patriot Plus Quad Lighting
  • Standard 10um pixel resolution
  • Tri-Linear & 0.5 microns encoders


  • 35” X 40” (890mm x 1016mm)Inspection Area (XL)
  • Z-Axis Camera Lift
  • Dual Lane
  • Board Indexing