Automated Optical Inspection

Clean Room AOI – 850 CL

The MVP 850 CL AOI is designed for clean room operation. Designed for laminar air flow environments the 850 CL is open top and designed to allow laminer air flow through the machine body. The 850 CL is designed to operate in clean rooms down to Class 100.

The 850 CL can be configured for multiple modes of operation with support for inline or batch processes. Batch processing options include jedec and waffle pack support and auer boats. MVP support custom material handling development based on customer product.

Key Features

  • Clean room design for laminar air flow
  • Up to 8MP Camera with Resolutions to 1.7um
  • Metrology for Device Position and Rotation
  • Surface Inspection for FM, Cracks and Scratches
  • Edge Inspection for Devices


  • Inline or Batch Processing
  • Jedec Tray, Waffle Pack, Auer Boat or Custom Handling