Automated Optical Inspection

Entry Level SMT AOI – Supra E

The Supra E is the class-leading entry level and cost effective solution for all Surface Mount manufacturers with PCBs up to 20” x 20”. The Supra E uses MVP’s Quad Color Technology in conjunction with its standard 10um resolution and is certified down to 01005 components. This provides the highest level of fault coverage for both post reflow component and solder joint inspection and for pre reflow component and placement inspection.

Combined with MVP’s ease of use programming and validated defect coverage the Supra E is MVP’s most popular inline product for Surface Mount inspection.

The Supra E continues to provide our end users with a low cost, low maintenance platform. Combined with our leading worldwide support organization, the Supra E provides world-class, efficient, cost effective, defect coverage.

Key Features

  • 10um pixel resolutionSMT1
  • 5MP camera
  • 01005 Ready
  • Fast Programming Generation using ePro and Validate
  • Lowest False Call Rates
  • High Throughput to 10 Sq. Inches per second.
  • 20” x 20” board size
  • Highest Defect Detection using Quad Color Technology

Options and Additional Models

  • Z-axis Camera Lift
  • Autowidth
  • Top Side Reference option
  • Linear axis and 0.5 micron linear encoders
  • Supra X Model

8 MP Camera

  • 8um Pixel Resolution

Supra 3D

  • Upgradable to 3D AOI