Automated Optical Inspection

Factory Management – Dynamic Process Control (DPC)

DPC provides a full suite of statistical process control tools allowing you to improve your processes, monitor trends, increase yields, and reduce costs.

Dynamic Process Control (DPC) provides total LEAN Shop Floor Management from bare PCB’s to fully populated product. DPC constantly drives process improvement by focusing on the weakest areas for immediate results, ensuring maximum efficiency and schedule adherence. Rather than relying on dashboards and charts to identify poor performance, DPC automatically analyses operations and actually alerts the people at the line to the best actions for immediate improvement. By continually leading improvements, line performance and quality are maximised using simple and easy to follow alerts, correcting issues BEFORE they become significant enough to cause losses.

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DPC’s configurable modular design permits the right solution to be implemented instantly and then grow with the needs of your business. Integrating operations, materials and equipment control ensures there are no opportunities for miscommunication or errors providing a true LEAN shop floor environment.