Automated Optical Inspection

Global Support

Global Support

MVP recognizes the global nature of the electronics industry and has set itself up in a position to be able to follow its customers around the globe. As a consequence, a cornerstone of our service strategy is to provide local support so that close client partnerships can be developed and maintained over time.

MVP’s application engineering support is provided by our local distributor in each country and by our three head offices, the world headquarters in California, the European head office in the UK, and MVP’s Asia-Pacific office in Shanghai, China. We offer local engineering support within 24 hours, and application engineers from headquarters are available for assistance within 36 hours.

A significant component of our service strategy is Remote Care. MVP offers remote technical assistance via customer hot line and the Internet using several screen-sharing options for direct remote access. In addition to e-mail, images and data can be sent over the Internet to provide immediate help using the AutoTrainer whenever needed. The AutoTrainer is MVP’s versatile off-line programming station, the most powerful tool available on the market for off-line generation, testing, and tuning of inspection databases.

MVP Field Application Engineering Support Locations

  • MVP World Headquarters – Carlsbad, California
  • Kokomo – Indiana
  • Reynosa – Mexico
  • Tijuana – Mexico
  • Monterrey – Mexico
  • MVP Asia Headquarters – Shanghai, China
  • Beijing – China
  • Shenzhen – China
  • Chengdu – China
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
  • Penang – Malaysia
  • Ho Chi Min City - Vietnam
  • European Headquarters – Fife, Scotland, UK
  • Linköping – Sweden
  • Pecs – Hungary