Automated Optical Inspection

High Volume and High Performance SMT AOI – Ultra V

Designed for the fastest of SMT production lines the Ultra V doesn’t compromise on quality. Utilizing the MVP Quad-Color technology provides the ability to use multiple angles of light to determine different characteristics of each component and lead inspected all from a single image.

Additionally, with enhanced validated and optimized defect coverage, false rejects are minimized. The Ultra V and Ultra V XL complement MVP’s wide range of award winning AOI products and allow for the introduction of flexible solutions with the capability to increase performance and speed metrics at the same time


Key Features

  • Standard 10um pixel resolution
  • 01005 Ready
  • Fast Programming Generation using ePro and Validate
  • Lowest False Call Rates
  • High Throughput to 14 Sq Inches per second.
  • Highest Defect Detection using Quad Color Technology
  • Dual linear axis and 0.5 micron linear encoders


  • Z-axis Camera Lift
  • Autowidth
  • 3 Stage Conveyor
  • Dual Lane
  • Top Side Reference Board Lifter
  • Flexible Configurable for 3D Laser option
  • XL option provides 20” x 30” board size