Automated Optical Inspection

Lead Frame Inspection – 2020 DWMS

MVP’s 2020 DWMS (Die Wire Metrology System) is a new dedicated lead frame inspection AOI and uses advanced optic and handling solutions to provide the latest in Die and Wire-Bond inspection. Inspection techniques include high-resolution telecentric imaging, quad color lighting, and 3D techniques to provide the maximum defect, and measurement capabilities for Lead Frame, Die Epoxy, and Wire Bond inspection.

MVP’s 2020 DWMS AOI system is configured as standard with integrated MVP leadframe magazine loaders and unloaders designed for error free operation at the highest of UPH demands.



Machine Vision Products, Inc. has designed it's own robust integrated magazine loader and unloader solution for it's 2020 DWMS lead frame inspection AOI solution. High performance Electro-Optics solutions are scaleable dependent on the customer inspection criteria and range from 1.7um to 5.6um. With a three stage high speed material handling throughput is typically dependent on lead frame density with typical UPH ranges of 20,000 to 150,000.

The 2020 DWMS can be configured with with multiple post inspection options. MVP supports inline or onboard post defect marking options. For inline MVP provides ink marking, puncher or wire cutter modules. Inline post inspection options provide the user with a separate stage allowing the UPH to be maximized. Further detail on MVP's post inspection options click here.

Key Features

  • Integrated Magazine Loaders/Unloaders
  • UPH capability in excess of 150,000
  • Die Placement Metrology
  • Epoxy Spread and Bridging
  • Die Surface, Edge Crack Detection
  • Au, Al, Ag, and Cu Wires to 1um Resolution
  • Leadframe Integrity
  • SMT Components
  • Certified for SEMI S2, S8 and IEC 61010-1


  • Automatic Defect Assignment
  • Single or Dual Lane Operation
  • AutoWidth
  • Optional 3D Epoxy Height Measurement

Post Inspection Options

  • Punch Out
  • Wire Grip and Rip
  • Ink Mark
  • XML Mapping