Automated Optical Inspection

Metrology AOI – 850 XHD

MVP’s 850 XHD solution provide the highest accuracy flip-chip Die assembly inspection. MVP’s high performance inspection technology ensures the correct placement of the Die on the substrate, while providing edge, FM and surface inspection.

Process yields can be substantially increased using metrology to control the Die alignment processes, flux and paste, prior to reflow, ensuring good parts after this process. With resolutions down to 1um the 850 XHD can provide the highest accuracy for defect detection. In this environment, the systems, as standard, are configured for in-line, high speed Die placement metrology.

Key Features

  • Highest accuracy Die Placement Metrology Solution (DPMS)
  • Die Metrology for Position and Rotation
  • Die Surface Inspection for FM, Cracks and Scratches
  • Die Edge Inspection
  • UPH’s that can meet the highest throughput requirements.


  • In-line
  • Single of Dual Lane
  • Single or Three Stage Conveyor
  • Multiple Handling Solutions
  • Custom Handling Solutions