Automated Optical Inspection

Microelectronics and Packaging AOI

Machine Vision Products, Inc. has extensive experience in a wide range of Microelectronics and Packaging applications. MVP work with the world’s leading manufacturers on a global basis. From multiple die and wire technologies to leadframe, ball grid array and surface inspection applications MVP has the widest applications toolbox of any AOI provider. MVP takes pride in the fact that they supply many complex inspection solutions to  diverse industries such as Automotive, Telecoms, Medical Devices, Military, and Space. MVP’s 850 Series is the base platform upon which all Microelectronics and Packaging inspection solutions are based. The 850 series 2D capabilities provide metrology and defect detection using a propriety Quad-Color lighting, Telecentric optics and resolutions down to 1um. 3D height measurement capabilities allow for in-line high speed inspection of Dies, paste deposition, positional accuracy, volume and height with a resolution down to 1.13um. MicroElectronicsTable


Based in Carlsbad. California, MVP provide full design and manufacturing services for all their optics, hardware and custom handling solutions. Our skilled, machiners, assembly ans test engineers provide the highest quality system solutions. In addition MVP provide software for all of the platforms from a core team ofalgoridYn experts based in our Carlsbad location.


MVP’s proprietary algorithm suite provides the highest level of inspection for integrated automatic production lines, built around a series of high resolution 20 and 3D optics packages, to provide rapid, cost-efficient measurement of microelectronics and semiconductor components.


Once a solution has been deployed MVP continue customer and appfications support through a class-leading team offield based engineers. System installation, training, applications development, project managment and system enhancements are all services provided by MVP to any location world-wide.