Automated Optical Inspection

Software Products

MVP Software Products encompass a range of traceability tools driven directly from the data generated at the AOI systems as well as optional links back to the production lines and monitoring of the data they generate also.

From DPC Lite (Production Line Monitoring Solutions) to full factory wide Dynamic Process Control MVP have your process covered.

AutoNetworker is a powerful web based front end to MVP’s big data storage solution. Customers can store a multitude of data depending on their requirements and retention policy. MVP provide the capability to store the following data types:

  • True Measurement Data
  • Pass/Fail Attribute Data
  • Image Archiving Data

For yield critical processes MVP provide scaleable solutions for big data storage. The AutoNetworker is a user friendly front end which allow engineers to interrogate measurement, pass/fail/reason data and image archiving data for engineering or management reporting. The AutoNetworker can be accessed from anywhere on a company’s private network.

MVP Software Products also include offline and inline rework and repair stations as well as Ease-Of-Use recipe programming stations.