Automated Optical Inspection

Why MVP?

MVP has lead the AOI industry with customer focused innovations since the company was formed in December 1993. Building on a strong foundation of AOI experts key technologies include:

SMT and Microelectronics Solutions

MVP provide the widest toolbox of AOI solutions within the industry, bar none. The full spectrum of AOI solutions range from high performance, easy to use SMT inspection systems, to inspection of wire bond, die, epoxy, leadframes and BGA’s amongst other leading technologies for our Microelectronics solutions.

Class-leading Reliability and Throughput 
Normally the faster you run a mechanical system the lower the reliability, but MVP overcame this problem with the introduction of their unique, flying motion technology. MVP systems use linear motors, providing a constant motion that reduces start/stop vibrations, minimizes the number of moving parts, which in-turn increases system reliability while providing the fastest throughput. MVP can custom design material handling solutions and dependent on the environment can employ their own loader and unloader solutions for Microelectronics delivering UPH of over 150.000.


Complete Validated Fault Coverage
 Two innovations from MVP drive this requirement; Quad-Color and our Advanced Rules Based Algorithms. Quad-Color removes the need for the complex to use angled cameras to see solder filet information. Our solutions use Quad-Colored angled light vs. angled cameras, allowing for high defect detection without the high false fail rates seen by angled camera solutions. With MVP’s ease-of-use software programming suite users can quickly develop inspection databases. With MVP’s unique “Validate” feature users can validate and optimize the performance of their inspection databases in real time.

 MVP’s Advanced Rule Based Algorithms allow for real measurements to be made of a component, lead or feature, again increasing fault coverage, reducing false call rates and enabling true process control.

Paste and Topography
 Our 3D laser technologies, patented in 1996, allow for full inspection of paste, semiconductor/ microelectronics features and topography at line rates.

Webreporting and Image Archiving
MVP’s latest MySQL based AutoNetworker is capable of storing inspection data from a number of AOI systems across multiple lines. Data, in the form of pass/fail attribute data, true measurement data from every single inspection and inspection image data, can be captured for every single product processed across those multiple lines. With scalable storage options MVP provide several data mining options to our customer based on whether the user wishes to analyze attribute data, variable measurement data or archived inspection image data. MVP provide a easy to navigate webreporting based interface for the user to interrogate the data. Custom reports are accessible at every level of the Webreporting toolset. For Microelectronics, the AutoNetworker can be used to interrogate lot data tracking the failure mechanisms of each device of a leadframe lot or each BGA within a Jedec Tray lot. For SMT users can interrogate attribute, variable or image data for various products which can be filtered by date, time and work order range if available.

Flexible Manufacturing Solutions
 MVP’s leading software allows for system deployment in many manufacturing environments. In an NPI environment ePro and Express Software allow the fastest generation of programs. When in a high-volume environment you still have access to the tools required to create a full program optimized for process variances with the highest defect.